Fragger 1.1.4

Wreak destruction in this fun bomb-chucking game

Fragger is a fun game which challenges your ability to throw bombs at targets. View full description


  • Fun to play
  • Amusing graphics and sounds
  • Simple control system


  • Lacks variety


Fragger is a fun game which challenges your ability to throw bombs at targets.

The gameplay in Fragger is not dissimilar to that of Angry Birds. You stand on the left and must strategically lob bombs across the screen at your your standing enemies. You need to adjust the trajectory and the power using your finger to guide the arrow and power meter. Careful, because you only have a set number of grenades per level.

There are 70 different levels in Fragger, set across two different worlds. In order to progress through the game you need to unlock each level by completing the previous one. As you move through Fragger, the set-up of the levels gets increasingly complicated and more obstacles are placed in your way.

Fragger has a great look and feel. The colorful graphics and cartoony sounds add a wicked sense of fun, to what could be a intensely violent game if it were treated slightly differently.

In general, Fragger is good fun to play, although some may feel it needs more diversity. For instance, there's only one type of bomb, and the fact that there are just two worlds means a lack of environmental variation. One personal bugbear of the gameplay is that you cannot release a bomb until the previous one has exploded, which gets tedious because they can take a while to go off.

Overall though, Fragger is an addictive timewaster that is perfect for picking up and killing some time when you're waiting around.



Fragger 1.1.4